Welcome to St. David’s and thank you for visiting our website.  We hope you explore the site and enjoy the pictures of the various aspects of our life together as a community. 
And as you look through these pictures, please notice the many different faces – faces of all sorts of people.  Some have come from far, and some have come from right around the corner.  Some are families, and some are singles.  Some are seniors, some are in the prime of their lives, and some teens and children.  Some are friends, and some do not know each other well yet.  Yet together, our faces reflect the wonderful diversity of God’s creation.  We are a people who seek to live out God’s will for us in our various settings and situations.  We are a people whose faces reflect the vast array of ways in which the Holy Spirit continues to fill the church and renew it.
These faces are here, because they make up St. David’s Lutheran Church. We are a community of faces - faces that can be found singing together, praying together, laughing together, crying together, eating together, and working together. But most of all, these faces are here, because they are "holy faces" - because in each twinkle of the eye, we can see a beloved child of God ... because in each smile, we can see God’s love working to heal our broken world.
So thank you for visiting our website and looking through our pictures.  And please feel welcome to join us sometime for worship, because we’d love to see and to get to know your face.
Pastor Micah Stumme